Hey! I created this resource list to help kids (and adults!) continue learning while they're at home. Over the next few weeks kids will be able to explore their full curiosities because they won't be bound by the structure of school. This is a unique time. There are so many resources online with a plethora of valuable knowledge that can spark excitement and passion in people beyond traditional curriculums. I hope this guide provides a gateway to new knowledge and ideas that get young people excited!

Ps. I've filtered to resources I thought were high quality. There is a lot of stuff out there, so hopefully this doc helps you narrow down.

<aside> 💡 Tip: Schedule a block of time during the day to learn and explore new things. Be intentional about when you learn so you can get in the right mindset. I'd allocate 1-2 hour blocks when learning you can get lost in curiosity, and allocate 3-4 hour blocks when building so you can get into a flow state.


Awesome YouTube Channels

Cool Online Learning Platforms